Part 1: The acceptance

SO this blogger is just temporary until i learn how to use dreamweaver and make my own website for my millions of fans (JK for my mom) to follow me as i travel along to AUSTRALIA. (Update 11/1/13 this dreamweaver business never happened boooo)

also, naturally, i am super overwhelmed with paper work that i now have to complete so i decided to make this blog.

When i first received this:

it was a little bit of this

Mixed with this:

and then this:

but mostly this:

or so at least i am trying to convince myself to feel cause the thought of being away from everything i have ever known for 6 months is kinda like that "OMGWTFHOLYSH*T" feeling times a zillion.

So as N*SYNC put it best, HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!

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