CRIKEY! (#4)

My first Friday in Australia was spent running on 3 hours of sleep around the Australia Zoo! Needless to say my excitement and amazement, much like that of a 5 year old even though I am 23, kept me going until 5pm. It was a half hour bus ride to the zoo from school in which Julie and I attempted to nap (this girl can actually sleep anywhere so envious of this gift.) 

Most of us were thrilled that the zoo had free wifi! So we were all up on that and tackled the zoo. Also known as the Steve Irwin zoo it had tons of animals- birds, crocs (obviously) kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, elephants, ect. It was the first place you could actually go and pet the kangaroos! Picture 5 year olds with free roam of the candy store and you have our group in the kangaroo pen. They were so sweet and gentle until they smacked you (Julie) with their tails.

Study abroad tips:

-Our school had a student organization called the student guild. It was only $5 to join and that's where we got our discounted tickets to the zoo with transportation. There was also free food and a place to hangout, and a place to buy and sell used textbooks, so helpful!

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