I come from a land down undah (#2)

Well here we are....14 hours later and we've finally landed. It was very cool to watch the flight path the entire time in and out of sleep (and a few bottles of wine with my seat mate and new bestie Jamie) I was able to watch when our plane crossed the equator and international dateline. When we landed we waited FOREVER (or what felt like forever) on the ground to taxi to our gate.

We collected our lives for 5 months and headed through customs (so excited my first stamp on my visa) we headed to our apartment complexes.

This little sweet peach, Rachel, was so excited to be on land in Australia! It was a rough first day with everyone fighting the urge to sleep until night time in order to avoid jetlag. We managed to stay up until tenish by trying to learn the buses to take us to the Sunshine Coast plaza in order to feed/cloth/entertain ourselves.

Lucky me, woke up at 5am the next morning with pink eye! So thankful my room mate Shannon took me to the grocery store and pharmacy where I could buy eye drops over the counter! Problem solved!

Study abroad tips:

-know what your health insurance covers! We had a bulk billing doctor where it was pretty easy and cheap to get appointments and whatever medicine we needed for cheap, which was a huge relief

-if you're landing early try to stay up until a normal sleep time so you can get on a pattern right away or else jet lag is pesky and lingers for a while

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