Maaake new friends (#5)

I probably couldn't have asked to meet better people on my adventure abroad. In fact I know I couldn't have.

These three little ladies, (Arielle from Long Island, Rachel from Tennessee and Julie from Pittsburgh) got me through my first month (and the remaining 4) with flying colors. Thank god we met on the plane, Julie and I fell in love in the airport, Rachel had the pleasure of being my seat mate on the 14 hour journey and Arielle got to sit next to me on the shuttle ride from the airport to our apartments! Needless to say my first day in Australia would have been so much more overwhelming had I not had Rachel and Arielle to help me make my bed for the first time and everyone else to explore the buses and plaza with and Rachel to invade my bed on the first night because her apartment was empty!

Above we're all dressed in Green for the first Saturday stoplight party. Ironically most of us would be wearing red now and I think this is also the only decent picture of all four of us the whole semester and one of my favorites. 

Without these ladies I don't know WHAT I would have done being so far from home and can't thank my lucky stars enough for send us all to USC in February!

Study Abroad Tips:

-A group flight is a great way to meet people who you can travel with during the time you're abroad and also new places to visit when you guys head home :) (including but not limited to Tennessee, Mississippi, Michigan, Minnesota, Long Island, NYC and Pittsburgh)

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