Upside down under on the left side of the road (#6)

Sitting in the passenger seat which would normally be the drivers seat totally blew my mind for the first, okay for all 5 months I was in Australia, and when my mom picked me up from the airport it was just as wacky that I was again a passenger on the drivers side.

I drove a few times while I was there (McDonald's hangover run for my roomie and on the largest sand island in the world) not sure if this is legal (shh) but I most just tried to follow the cars in front of me especially when it came to making a left turn like a right turn and a right one like a left (?) also reminding myself that the driver side should stay close to the line in the middle of the road and voila! I managed to go against my natural instinct of 5 years and successfully maneuver a vehicle!

Study abroad tips:

-check before you drive, my French friend needed to get his international license because his was in French (duh) not English

-renting a car on an excursion is so much cheaper than a bus/guided tour. We were fortunate enough that our friend knew the roads and we saved a bundle on our trip to Fraser island, so also make sure you know where you're headed

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