A 23rd birthday down under (#7)

My pretty roomie ^!

Let me wear her dress!

My birthday fell on the 10th day I was living in Australia. I was nervous but alright because I never really liked my birthday anyways.

My roomie stayed up with me until midnight, and we skyped my sister, even though it wasn't my birthday yet in America! 

When I woke up I had a card on my door from him, he's very sentimental. It was only my second day of school so I had a long day ahead of me, until I went to class my roomies hung out with me all morning and both of them fell asleep on my bed (so precious).

I went to class dressed in a rain coat with a giant umbrella, wondering why I didn't take a mental health day on day 2 hmm. So I went to class until 8 and missed my birthday BBQ and kangaroo burgers, however my lovely little roomie brought a big party to my apartment! My lovely little New York lady and Tennessee bottom b made me a cake with sparklers and candles! I was so overwhelmed with all of these strangers giving me one of the best birthdays I've ever had. I don't know if I ever thanked you guys enough!

Shannon got the security guard to keep the pool open later and we went for a dip. 

So thankful for the wonderful group of people I got to celebrate with. Couldn't have even asked for better company. 

Thank goodness I had Wednesdays off :)

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