A sweet little space of my own (#13)

My Bed!

I have to say I was extremely glad to have a bed and bathroom of my own after flying for 14 hours. I walked into my apartment and met my first roommate who was blasting his swedish reggae music in the kitchen. It was definitely a whirrrrrl wind, my head was in a cloud.

I was told I couldn't get my keys for a bit because there were so many people moving in it would just be better to wait a second. Within a few minutes I met my lovely roomy Shannon who was on crutches, she was a riot. Very friendly and welcoming but I asked her about our other roommates she said "In that one there's a boy called Stevie and over there is a boy called Gene" It was strange to hear her say that since we would say "named."

At one point I decided I needed a shower, but I cant even tell you I had NO idea what to do with myself. It was one of those moments where you walk around with a purpose and you can't remember what it is. I finally got to shower and with a shower the size of a tall tuna can, I was still happy to be there!

I heard keys jingle and decided to introduce myself to my final roommate. I walked toward the door and it wasn't long before we made eye contact, since our rooms where 5 feet from each other. I said hello and started asking him questions because little did he know we were going to be BEST FRIENDS whether he liked it or not because we were going to be living together for the next 5 months. Little did I know, I would get way more than I bargained for ;)

Rachel and Arielle came over to help me make my bed and the group of us decided to start exploring the buses and what was around us. Arielle had met one of her roomates (thumbs up) and Rachel didnt meet either of hers for a few days and she was a little nervous before we even got there. We were very excited to drive past the beach on the way to the plaza (at least I was) because I don't have an ocean close to me! We met up with a 12 year old American/Australian named Sam and he spent the day showing us around, so we all picked up stuff from Target that we needed.

We were all trying to desperately stay awake to avoid jet lag. Well we succeeded but I was up at 5am wide awake the next day anyway with Pink Eye! WTH only me. Luckily my wonderful roomy Shan drove me to the "chemist" (pharmacy) on a sunday and I was able to get over the counter eye drops. The first night my little Tennessee Honey slept over so she didnt have to sleep in an empty apartment. I was really happy to have her there!

This view

and check out this view from my apartment balcony. I was so lucky, to have called this my home for five months! I miss it so much!

Study Abroad Tips:

-I brought all my stuff from home like my bedding and my toiletries and I am so glad I did. It was expensive there and it made it feel more homey. They had most of the brands that I used but some of my friends had trouble finding the stuff they liked. (i.e. facewash, lady products, ect...)
-My sweet little wall decal and bedding was all from Target in America, and my pillows were courtesy of Shannons Aunt, Target Australia, Woolworths Australia and Qantas, yes everyone made fun of me for stealing the little airplane pillow but I couldnt resist! It matched my bedding perfectly!!

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