"O" Week aka orientation week, aka week zero, aka get to know your new mates, aka theme party week (#11)



I can't believe I don't have more pictures from O-week but I don't. What you're missing is Toga Night, which is a college tradition in which we all tried to wrap ourselves in bed sheets and try to dance in them. It is really quite comical and involves safety pins for double the added humor.

We were supposed to have a welcome BBQ, traditional Australian on the "Barbi," but unfortunately it was rained out, like most of our first few months in Aus, so sad.

Continuing on with O-week we had a Fluro theme night and a Stoplight party, this was so much fun because it was my first taste of living at school, amongst my peers and lets say I think one semester was plenty for me, I could just not keep up, must be my old age.

Study Abroad Tips:

-Def set aside some extra cash for few theme purchases you might need to make if you're participating in the first weeks theme parties, or parties throughout the semester. You definitely get more creative and  thrifty throughout the semester as you get to know people, and can swap things. I ended up purchasing a skirt for stoplight, I used my own bed sheet for toga night, which doubled as a beach blanket, because I never use my top bed sheet, a top for fluro night and bunny ears for easter theme!

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