I thought Vegemite was chocolate but it's definitely not.... (#12)

We have all heard of Vegemite. Some of us have learned about it from Mary-Kate and Ashley movies and some of us have grown up eating it. Either way it is an Popular Australian "goop" is really all I can come up with. It looks like it would be thick chocolate, but my friend, do not mistake it for chocolate.

They eat it plain,
They eat it on toast,
They eat it on toast with butter.
They put it in stew,
They eat it on toast and butter with tea,

I have not tried any of these but putting it in stew makes the most sense to me because it is, brace yourselves, 8% sodium. 8%!

As you can see, Rachel and myself enjoyed our first, and last, encounter with it. (Thanks to Julie and Tom, thanks Tom!)

Study Abroad Tips:

-Try the food that is popular in the culture where you are! Im so glad that i had the opportunity to try Vegemite, and Kangaroo Burgers! It sounds awful because we think of cute adorable, fluffy jumpys, but they are much like our deer in New York. Go outside the box and try something! 

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