Literally a room full of balloons (and the best friends ever) (#14)

So I decided to save myself some trouble and leave my room keys with my lovely roomy Gene while I went on a surf trip for the weekend. Those babies cost $300 to replace and I wasn't trying to spend $300 on keys (sorry Julie). ANYWAYS it ended up being the best/worst decision I had made thus far into Australia. 

I came home Sunday night, sunburnt, board rashed up (if you ever go surfing for the love of God wear a wetsuit, you look as lame as you feel but rug burns up and down your thighs and stomach are NOT fun. Oh and the bus driver left my bag with my passport in it in Byron Bay, when a few girls got off the bus to stay the night, about 4 hours away. THANK GOD Haley and Bille knew the bag was mine or I would have been in a world of trouble. Also thank heavens for my gal Julie for gooning me up on the ride home so that I would stop crying because the bus driver wouldn't turn around, and Olivia for letting me sit on her lap and cry.

SO we got back to school and my lovely little Shannon met me outside the gate (since I didnt have to wait for a bag, and didn't have keys) and the first thing she said was "Gene's over at Adams, I'll call him now" and I thought that was strange because why would Gene care if I was home but I didn't say anything and was just so happy to see my roomies. I had un-natural separation anxiety every time I left to travel, because they didn't come with me.

Shannon opens my door and turns on the light and there is Gene sitting on my bed, and Adam on my floor, screaming at me? I think I don't know I was laughing, and the night is a little fuzzy. I know that Adam had texted me while I was on the bus back, asking when we'd be home, which I thought was a nice gesture, but little did I know his intentions. (FYI anytime Adam asks when you'll be home, its because he's planning something and doesn't want to get caught.) 

ANYWAYS, it was the funnest thing to come home to after a rough weekend, but I had to pop and clean up all the balloons by the next day because they were coming to spray for pests. Rachel, Shannon, Adam, Arielle and Gene spent 3 hours blowing up 300 balloons for me, so let me tell you that clean up must have sounded like a gun show to the people downstairs. I kept a few balloons around and Oh most of my room was covered in decorative post-its. Thanks Guys!

Study Abroad Tips:

-Don't leave your keys with your roommate. Just Kidding, but only if you trust them.
-Double check before you go on trip through a travel agent, ask, ask ask! This will come in a later post when I write about the surf trip, but there is ALOT I had wish I would've known, that would've definitely turned me off from going.

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