Splash Waterfalls

The past few days have been wonderfully warm and sunny and full of beaching and swimming, especially at some of the natural waterfalls around where we live!

The first day we went to Gardners falls in Maleny, there was a short walk to the falls, and then a large jump into a big swimming hole! The water was so refreshing and there were rocks at the top of the falls where we sun bathed for a little while resting our feet in the running water 8)

The next day after my 1st job interview (!) we headed over to Buderim Falls, in the state park.
This is a long hike to the falls, but on a hot day like the one we had, it's perfect to work up a sweat for a cold swim! Both falls are freshwater, so thats a nice break from the salt water ocean.

For those interested in Gardners falls, go here and Buderim falls here!

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