A visit to Darwin!

So I am pretty lucky that I have some good "mates" around Australia and I have the chance to do little side trips while I am here!

I would have never thought to go to Darwin if it wasn't for my friend Roshelle, but I am so glad I did.

The weather in Northern Australia is warmer than where I am, and at this time of year it was the perfect temperature to lay out in your swimsuit during the day, in "winter."

My flight to Darwin was $278 round trip with Jetstar airways, I was a little disappointed we didn't get snacks or anything provided on the 4 hour flight, but I survived :) I left Brisbane at 9pm and arrived into Darwin, a little late, past midnight. The way home was rough though, a 1:30am flight with a 5:30am arrival and it took me 2 hours to get home from Brisbane.
Also Darwin is only 30 minutes behind Brisbane, because of daylight savings.

Friday we went Croc Jumping, (watching)
It was so scary when they disappeared under the water
you had no idea they were there

this was the biggest animal i have ever seen, 6 feet long
me riding that guy above, i wasn't scared

Adelaide River Queen Cruises was the one Roshelle took me to, and it was so great. It was scary to know that there were over 7,000 saltwater crocs in the river we were on, and that the saltwater ones are vicious. I did get a pretty wild shot glass for my collection of a croc head with its mouth open!

The next day we went to Sushi Train for lunch (my first time there) and it was yummy. I am not much of a sushi eater but was glad I tried Roshelles fav one- crab, avocado and cream cheese. It was a burst of taste and texture in my mouth!

We also went to a little man made swim hole , where they created a concrete wall so people could swim and crocs can't get in. We took a walk on the beach and I got some beautiful seaglass and shells!
That night we went out in the city! It was so much fun there were a ton of bars along the main road and we danced the night away,

the little man made swimming hole
little crab houses

My last day we proclaimed lazy day, and hung inside and watched moves! We went to dinner at he Harbor and got to see a pretty sunset while we ate ice cream :-)

i have been to the top(ish) and very bottom of Australia 

Here's to hoping I win the lotto soon and can visit again soon! Thanks Roshelle and Brendan for letting me stay at your house, and thanks Roshelle for carting my butt around, I had a wonderful time :)

P.S. Say Hi to Mar for me, tell her I miss her puppy kisses, xo

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