A Very Sandy Christmas

This year for Christmas we drove up to Genes mommas house in Cooloola Cove. It was funny to think back where we were last year on christmas. I was in New York and Gene was here, it was nice to celebrate together. It was weird and wonderful having a warm, sandy day as opposed to a cold wet, snowy day! It was great food, good friends, air conditioning and a big pretty christmas tree! I was also very spoiled this year :)

Christmas Eve Eve: Christmas light hunting:

one house

Christmas Eve: attempt to walk to double island point lighthouse, because you can only 4 wheel drive there along the beach. Fail, epic fail, but still pretty

freshwater, freezing cold creek
crayfish in the creek!
boys in the creek
tree bridge

Christmas Day: Ate a yummy breakfast, opened gifts, drove around some Tin Can Bay Hotspots (thanks to Cole) ate a big delicious Christmas lunch thanks to mum, and went to see the sunset at the sand blow and unfortunately say goodbye to it ;(
Aussie christmas tree
Buffalo Christmas tree
three little kookaburras
cole making friends
six little kookaburras
my place
caught with the selfie stick
the prettiest piggy pen

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Bring on 2015!

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