Reflecting on 2014

I wanted to write a little bit about 2014 here, I am not a very good writer so this will probably end up being a mumble jumble of what I am thankful for, and what I wanna accomplish in 2015. I'm good at organizing everything else, I'm terrible at organizing my thoughts- that's why Im so bad at arguing (but you didn't hear that from me!) Maybe its something I'll work on this year.

Anyways, looking back at 2014, and I can't  believe how incredibly fortunate I was, and have been for most all of my life.

Fortunate with money, finances, and a mother and father to show me how to earn, save and spend (sometimes easier said than done.)

Fortunate with my health, and my families health.

Fortunate meeting awesome people all over the world by stepping way out of my comfort zone over here on the other side of the world.

Sometimes though, its hard to be thankful for these things because we really don't realize how much we have until we meet someone that goes without. Isn't it crazy that I have never gone hungry because I can afford to drive to the store and buy myself food? I think thats okay, as long as most days than not I am grateful for where I was born, who I was born to, and what positive things I can throw into the universe.

One thing I have learned this year was about distance. They say it's difficult to be so far away from your family (9,335 miles to be exact) and they are kind of right. There were days I was living here and wanted so badly to go home, and there are days now that I don't want to go home. I am lucky we live in a time where calling home is free and easily accessible, otherwise I don't think it would've been so easy to move far away.

Going far away from home also teaches you which types of people you really want in your life.

I also learned a lot more about death. How much do you ever really learn about it? I have lost a lot of important people to me in my short 24 years, it doesn't ever get easier and being away from your family during those times are the hardest. A few months ago we had to put my pup down, and I am still devastated. The worst part will be knowing I left home and he was there, and coming back and he's not. I also lost my grandfather last week. This was also especially hard because my entire family was together without me. I am really lucky my best friend here just holds me when I cry, but it was still difficult being without everyone else.

I think some of my goals for 2015 will definitely be to get around more of this big blue ball we call the world. I'd love to see Europe and Asia this year while I have a few friends living there. In order to do that I am going to need to save a lot of money, which leads me to my next goal- learn how to work my bum off. Do you think they'll start selling work ethics online this year? (just kiiiiiiding) I think the secret to life is to learn how to make more money than you spend.

I'd like to volunteer more of my time and give back to those less fortunate than me.

I also really want to become more of a go getter. I want to find awesome places locally and go to them and not sit around and wait for anyone else.

Finally, I'd love to be more self(ish)less. Now I know that's not a word, but if it was it would mean, being more thoughtful towards myself (not with material things) and being more thoughtful to those who are thoughtful of me, and less thoughtful of those who aren't. 

Theres a ton more I'd like to talk about, but like I said my thoughts are more like a windmill stuck in a thunderstorm, than they are a clean kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, I am proud that I learned my way around one pretty well this year, but I'd like to improve that among, sewing and painting in 2015.

So I guess let's see where this year takes me. Hopefully swimming into a great job, with lots of money and travel benefits. Hey a girl can dream right?

Cheers to 2015, places to go, things to see and people to meet. 

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