Summer Bucket List Series: Aussie World

I haven't been to a theme park in years, I'd found out my stomach is a bit weaker than I remember. After driving past Aussie world for the past year, Gene and I decided to go! We went on a tuesday at mid day, it was really freakin hot, thank god there was a water log ride, even though everyone in the park just looked like they had been on the water log ride the entire time we were there.  It was a small theme park, so we were able to go on the rides a few times, and run around the park. There are also shops outside the park, which is really cool, I picked up some authentic Australian gifts for a very special wedding gift ;)

the pub
genes favorite ride
taking selfies on the ride

a little slow mo on the log ride for your enjoyment, seriously the best, we rode it three times

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