Summer Bucket List Series: Paddleboarding

I have been wanting to get into paddle boarding because its a great ab workout, but baby steps because I can't even stand up on the board yet. I think my fear of falling into random sea creatures hinders that. By random sea creatures I mean including but not limited to sting ray and jellyfish. Anyways a few weeks ago some of my friends and I headed over to Golden Beach Hire in Caloundra for a $15 special! They are so great, they offer $10 sunrise paddles and $20 regular prices. I highly recommend them!

Pumicestone Passage
catching toad fish! I don't know why I am always amazed
when something looks like their name
that one bit her
standing, but not really
hehehe bet you didn't think i'd post this ;)
Imogens the worst

I could definitely get used to warm Decembers!

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