Summer Bucket List Series: Byron Bay

Have been wanting to hit up Byron forever and decided to jump in the car when I found out it was only about 3 hours away. I also made Gene come with me :) My last wednesday in town was the perfect day to head out, we hit some great weather and I spent the entire next day packing and crying, so I'm happy I got the chance to go before I left!

If you do decide to go I would recommend going right up to the lighthouse, we had to park way far down and then we did decide to walk down to the water, which was a major hike back up. Bring your swim stuff, because the beaches down there are much prettier than the main beach, and lots of water, because no matter how in shape you are, the climb back up is tough, and hot, so wear sunscreen.

I also wish we had save some time for the crystal castle in Mullumbimby, so you should check that out on the way there!

baes first time driving in the city!
See the Brisbane Eye Ferris Wheel behind him
a warm welcome

the gorgeous coastline
he's cute
in love with those shades of blue
the most eastern point of Australian mainland
perfect perfect
fairy pool heaven
love letters in the sand
$50-to whoever can figure out what it says ;)
He's so handsome
main beach
making him take selfies in front of old men

back to Brisbane 
perfect day: hike to the lighthouse, cruise around the town,
main beach, lunch and smoothie treat!

This kinda concludes my bucket list for this lovely little Australian summer of mine. If I learned anything it was that I wish I had hopped in the car even more often and just drove to a place I wanted to go! At this point in my life I get to make money and spend it on experiences, how lucky is that!?

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