Alcatrez! (San Francisco)

Its kind of ironic that you couldn't get me to sit through an entire horror film, but I could walk around an abandoned prison for hours, don't you think?

On one of our days in San Fran, we decided to go visit Alcatrez. For those of you who don't know what alcatrez is, its a maximum security prison located on an island, yes an island outside of the city of San Francisco. The cool/scary part is that is looks so close and simple to swim to, However the waters around the island are some of the most dangerous, with tons of currents you would never be able to make it. In fact there were three inmates who successfully escaped and if they had timed it exactly to the minute they would've been able to ride the currents to shore, however after they escaped no one ever saw them again, so they may have been swept out to sea!

We scooped up some of the last tickets of the evening, which included an art exhibit that was set up in the prison! The artist Ai Wei Wei (ay way way) actually can't even leave China, so he had all the art shipped over and set up piece by piece.

the island from the ferry
after it was a prison, it was given to
native americans to live on
part of the art exhibit
ultimate lego challenge
the art exhibit showed how you're basic freedoms are
taken away from you when you're in prison
the exhibit showcased people who had been
arrested for not necessarily doing bad crimes
where the cells are located
creepy cement handprint
have been to two prisons where
Al Capone has lived
gun gallery
no guns were allowed down near the prisoners
visitation rules
inside the office
inside the office
a prisoner escaped by making this fake head
from gum and soap, to trick the guards
the infirmary
the Golden Gate
city skyline
just a bit windy

bye shelley! hope you like your new home! ;)

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