Everywhere you look (San Fran)

Greetingz! I know I have been away awhile, but I have been letting my feet take me to where they need to go! Since we chatted last (or I spoke rather) I have been to LA, Big Sur, San Francisco, Vermont and Florida! I am going to take a little break from blogging about my family trip to Australia and take you to some of the places I have been going to around the good ole USA.

San Francisco was a fabulous girls weekend, where two of my awesome lady pals flew in from LA to visit with me. After landing in LA from Brisbane, we started with a little road trip up the coast from Los Angeles through Big Sur, and ended up in San Fran. It took about six hours but we broke it up into a few days. I will write about Big Sur later, it was so gorgeous! So bummed we didn't spend a night there. 

When we got to San Francisco the hotel we had was around the corner from where a body was found in a suitcase, so we quickly switched locations to a Holiday Inn at the Fishermans Wharf- would highly recommend because we were in walking distance of the wharf. You would've paid to see my mom drive down these roads:

There was a few days before my friends came to meet us, so my mom, sister and I went to check out Alcatrez. We ended up with the last tickets of the night and included was an art exhibit that was set up throughout the prison. It was so amazing, I could've spent all day there, and maybe night if I was feeling particularly balsy.

Check out alcatrez here.

We walked around the Piers a little on thursday and friday:

the famous street trams
street performer gave me a souvenir
sea lions!

When my ladies came into town, they met us at the hotel and we stayed up late chatting. I was so happy they came into town, its always perfect when I get to see them. Especially grateful that Katie always, always makes time for me when I'm in town, she's was the first and last person I saw in the US after a year.

We woke up the next morning and ventured around the city. We used a ton of free uber rides, to get us all over. Our first driver, took us over the Golden Gate and we walked back across (only about a mile) and it DOWN POURED on us in the middle of the walk. It was actually quite hilarious, but they aren't kidding when they say take your umbrella no matter what when you're in San Fran.

the golden gate bridge

We ventured around to Alamo Park (where the Full house intro was filmed), and a giant cupids arrow sculpture. For dinner we went to a place called the Blue Mermaid, which had the most amazing corn clam chowder. Then we let the night take us where we went, which included a few diff bars- one was south park themed called Butters, a 70s themed house party and then maybe only three of us came home and two of us went for a dip in the closed swimming pool, or maybe not ;)

recreating the full house intro, que theme song
alamo park
bay bridge

I'll just leave you with this:

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