A dream is a wish your heart makes* Disney

When I first got home from Australia, it was tough to get out of a little funk I was in. I was coming back to a place I hadn't been in over a year, and it was really freakin cold. I decided to follow my wandering feet and empty the rest of my bank account. I am so grateful to have friends all over the country, and the world, so that when I am going through a little rough patch I have so many places to crash (thanks y'all are wonderful to me.) For this little spur of the moment get-away, I chose the happiest place on earth! It also doubled as a reunion for me and of of my oldest friends (I think we determined we've been friends for almost ten years now, so we've seen it all at this point haha, kidding but I do remember the day he turned sixteen and we took him out for his first drive-theres a youtube video out there somewhere)

I haven't been to Disney since I was maybe 19, but I used to go every year at Easter time on my family vacation. Theres even a little cement carving of 12 year old me forever at Epcot-not embarrassing at all.

Also I FINALLY got to go to Harry Potter World-so my 12 year old self was basically in her glory!

The first few days we bummed around Orlando and caught a free Blues travelers concert- missed those pretty Palm Trees and no jacket weather:

not too shabby, d-town Orlando
he likes me
I bought a 2 day 2 park Universal Studios and Island of Adventures pass, which was enough time to explore around both parks, they smartly split up Harry Potter world and Diagon Alley-one in each park and I wanted to do both! It was really awesome though that you took the Hogswart Express from one place to the other. It only ended up costing be about 25 bucks per day, per park. 

Islands of Adventure
watch ya spell limits 
dumbledoore needed to see me straight away
platform 9 and 3 qwuartahs this way!
on the train!
headed to diagon alley
3d minion ride
thinking about getting a palm tree for my bedroom
one of those robes cost $120!
oh hey Harry
the leaky cauldron
the knight bus! complete with the shrunken head in the window

fun little speech bubbles
hogwarts by night
The third day we did the parks I chose to head over to Hollywood Studios theme park. This was my dads favorite park to go to when I was younger, and its all about the magic of the movies. It was different going again as an "adult," still just as fun, but I have really been noticing lately how I used to feel about things when I was younger as opposed to now.

barrel of monkeys from toy story
UHM couldn't even contain my excitement
for this honey i shrunk the kids playground.
was my FAVORITE think when I was younger
giant play dough
huge pups nose; it had a loud speaker
that had a sniffing noise that made me
jump when i heard it
large mushrooms
huge light bright piece
the hollywood tower hotel ride
didn't catch any photos of the outside;
this ride is still amazing we went on three times
and i lost my stomach every time.
plus we caught it at sunset which made it
so much prettier
"take a photo of me and my new bf"
this giant bell hop was so good at his job
scared me straight when i nearly ran into him
we tried to catch fantasia the show,
but it was crowded and we couldn't see anything
glad i got my mickey ice cream:
life tip-buy this and a strawberry bar and eat them at the same time!

If you have never been to Disney you should sneak that baby on your bucket list! I am just realizing right now how lucky I am its only a two hour plane ride, and that every year at easter I was able to go on family vaca there, meeting so many people recently who have never been to Disney, go go go now! Josh was really great at taking my photo to text to my mom, she loved that. Out of all the tacky take homes (souvenirs) I picked up some Bertie Bots every flavor beans and a chocolate frog to bring home with me :)

*hopefully my photos aren't turning out blurry for you, but if they are you can click on them and make them bigger and more clear and scroll through them

oh and yeah I cut off 9 inches from my head to donate to great lengths Pantene- something I have been itching to do for ages to make wigs for cancer patients in memory of my cousin, both my grandpas and my nanny!

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