California State Route 1

So landing in LA was rough, because I stayed awake on the plane to watch all the movies. We relaxed  all day as soon we got to our hotel. The first place I ate was at Dennys, not exactly my first choice and it was weird having to calculate tip and tax again. Anyways, the following day we rented a car and drove up to Big Sur.

Heres a math problem for you: three women +ten suitcases+ one car + six hour drive =?

If you guessed not getting to our destination in six hours you are correct!

So we ended up stopping after only an hour, grabbing some food in Santa Barbara and staying in a little po-dunk town at a days in that felt like amish Pennsylvania. It was nice that the weather was decently warm so I didn't have to go from 80 degrees F to below 0, that would have been a difficult transition, I am not good at being an eskimo!

little Santa Barbara pier
little seals and dolphins everywhere!
those mountains, and palm trees
my people (the wild flowers)
random beach near santa maria
huge, huge sea elephants
dolphins hungout in that little cove
mcway falls
waterfall selfies
so many beautiful bridges on this drive through big sur,
amazing thinking how they built this highway!

So bummed we only took one day to do this, the drive up the Pacific Coast Highway is seriously breathtaking, would recommend spending the night in Big Sur, they had cabins mostly along the way, would be expensive but so worth it!

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