Smugglers Notch Vermont Ski-cation!

For my 25th Birthday, I packed myself and 150 of my closest friends on a party bus and took us to Smugglers Notch for the weekend. J/K, but I really did head up to Vermont for the weekend for some awesome winter weather conditions for snowboarding. As a part of my turning 25 depression, I proceeded to leave all my undergarments, bathing suit and gloves at home, and realized as soon as we finished about six hours of the nine hour bus ride, so cheers to being good at being an adult!

We arrived friday night late and got up early the next AM to indulge in the glorious weather we had while we were there. Not too cold, and blue skies!

It was also Carlys first winter, and first time snowboarding! I tried my best to teach her what I knew, so thanks mom for all those ski clubs and free lessons (incase you were wondering what your money went towards: about half the night me boarding and the other half fooling around in the ski lodge)

go on girl, get down withcha bad self
hey thats me!
i hoped on the chairlift with a random 17 y/o boy who told me that if i wanted
we could stop at the middle chairlift, but i chose to ride all the way up to the top
the view was breathtaking, and good thing he was with me or i would've
ended up going down a black diamond
oh hey,
nothing to see here, move along
waiting for carly to come out of the bathroom,
"wheres carly? she's over there...."
nekkminit she's dancing on the table with shelley
we didn't have any photos together, so we took one
the best veggie burger and fries made for a nice recovery
aid the next day. you use muscles you never knew you had skiing.

The trip was one of the weekend trips that UB offers through its super awesome ski club- schussmeisters! if you're a local college student around Buffalo, you can get a super cheap season pass and bus transport to a lot of semi-local ski resorts! They offer a few trips throughout the season that are a lot of fun. If you're ever looking to get involved in your college I would definitely think about joining a ski club, not only is it great exercise, but the people you meet are some of the best you'll ever meet in ya life, no kidding. 

More info about Smugglers Notch here - Vermont is a seriously gorgeous state all seasons of the year, and the skiing there is almost always awesome. 

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