Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This past weekend my family and I ventured to a place I honestly forgot existed. Located directly North of Texas, we're not even sure if its considered "southern" USA or "midwestern" because it could honestly be both.

I was truly pleasantly surprised with my first time in OKC, you could tell it was a newer city in America, and having only celebrated its centennial year in 2007, it was pleasantly underpopulated which makes it enjoyable to walk around and not have your personal space totally invaded!

Whenever I travel around I like to ask complete strangers what the best things are to do, this list was compiled by some people I talked to on the internet and the lady in the airport with the dog I sat down next to:
  • National Cowboy Museum
  • Stockyards-Cattleman Restaurant
  • Bricktown River Taxi
  • OKC Memorial 
  • Lake Heffner
  • Pops in Arcadia
  • Blue Garden
  • Bessler Hall
We checked off most of the list while we were there! On Thursday night we landed in time for dinner and checked out Cattlemans steakhouse in the stockyards. The food was amazing! and they gave you giant croutons as an appetizer, so that had my vote. We also met God and his friend Constance who were in town for their church meeting. It was wonderful. Anyways, the stockyards were my favorite place because it had the southern, cowboy feel to it.

the water taxi
this awesome game, that made you and a friend run around
and push the lights for points
oklahoma river
my peeps at the rehersal dinner
s'more truck!!
the stockyards
met some of my cousins :)

naturally bought a brander or two
cowboy boot heaven
Mr and Mrs Visone
Human Kaleidoscope
this was one of my favorite little toys growing up
OKC Memorial
Pops! In arcadia
I used to sample this stuff in Australia!
It was so funny to find it in the US
Oklahoma saw us off with some
Waffle House

I actually didn't spend a lot of my time taking photos or videos on this trip which was kind of nice.

*Cattlemens Steakhouse located in the stockyards, some of the best food I ate in Oklahoma, also surrounded by tons of little shops to purchase things like postcards, branders, cowboy boots/hats/apparel, blankets, dreamcatchers, ect.

*Brick town/Water Taxi was located in downtown Oklahoma city. The water Taxi was $10 a person and took you down a little waterway where you could get on and off. I would recommend just walking down the path if you can, but the taxi had a nice little history lesson. Brick town mostly had bars and restaurants, so we grabbed lunch at Toby Keith's I heart this Bar and Grille, where I said goodbye to my good health and arteries and had my first Sweet Tea and Chicken Fried Steak. We also stopped and walked about some giant sculptures which represented the land rush in OKC where you paid money up front to buy a large plot of land and on the same morning everyone took a flag and claimed their property.

*OKC Science Museum- my cousins drove in from Texas to visit with us and we took them to the science museum which I definitely wouldn't recommend unless there are littles in your party.

*OKC Memorial- the Oklahoma City Memorial for the bombing was beautiful to see and interesting to learn about. The memorial is resurrected at the site of the bombing.

*POPS! in Arcadia was probably my favorite place to go. It was located on Route 66, which is the highway that used to travel from one coast to the other across the United States at one point. Now it starts in near Chicago and goes all the way to California

*Waffle House is a southern thing, and my dad informed me that he's been here before when we went on Spring Break in florida with his high school friends. I've never even gone a Spring Break so thats cool.

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