What went down in Washington, D.C.

So I can't stop counting my lucky stars that not only do I have friends all over, but that they also invite me to come visit them. a lot. When I was going through a rough time in March I had open doors in Nashville, Orlando and Los Angeles, and for that I can't even begin to explain how gracious I am. Plus having these people in my life makes it that much more fun, to like live and stuff.

This past weekend I found some cheap flights to Washington, D.C. and got to be reunited with one of my best, best friends from high school. I seriously love watching this girl drop herself in a new place and completely blossom, its truly amazing, she's so great. Not to mention when we were in high school and she worked at Wegmans (local grocery store and partial slice of heaven) she brought me a cookie cake that said balls on my forehead on it, yes she had to ask the person at the cake department to write that on my cake, and then she brought it into school.

Anyways down to the nitty gritty of the trip, aka the things you could also do if you visited Washington D.C:

One thing I love a lot about cities is the subway system, its so cheap! and so easy to navigate and really gets you where you need to go. I would always recommend doing a little research on weekend pass rates, and how late the subways run, depending on what you'll be doing, usually subways stop running as early as midnight and as late as 2am.

Places I stopped at on this trip:

Monuments/Things to do:
  • Smithsonian Institute (first smithsonian museum/castle)
  • Sculpture Park
  • Natural History Museum
  • Air and Space Museum
  • National Archives
  • American History Museum
  • Washington Monument
  • Abe Lincoln Memorial
  • World War II Memorial
  • Vietnam War Memorial
  • White House
  • Washington Wizards (NBA) game
  • Georgetown
  • Potomac River

Noms (Restaurants & Night life):
  • Chick Fil A (Fast food)
  • Busboys and Poets (bookstore/restaurant/performing arts)
  • Coffy Cafe (breakfast food)
  • Wok and Roll (chinatown)
  • The Good Stuff Eatery (burgers! and fries)
  • Pho (vietnamese)

I actually got in on Thursday Night after an all day flight delay, but just in time for Jess to meet me and take me to Chick-Fil-A, which is a really big southern thing and theres Waffle Fries, who can say no to those?
Also the view from the plane was incredible. I watched it for a good half an hour before we landed and was so preoccupied that right before we landed I saw the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial but only ended up with blurry photos of them, so disappointed in my photographer self.

Friday Morning was rise and shine and after a delicious and educational breakfast with Jess roomies (after she left for work) and a brief missed stop on the subway, which took me to Virginia and back, I arrived at the national mall (not actually a shopping mall, a strip of all the Smithsonian's.) It's awesome that all the museums and monuments are within walking distance of each other and FREE, holla at my fellow broke post college student travelers (too much? okay)

We also got to meet up with her dads college roommate, who treated us to dinner, and also used to train the whales at Seaworld (what?!) and had a really great insight on the documentary 'blackfish'. In short, don't believe everything you see and hear.

First Smithsonian Museum
new friends :)
Sculpture Park: Roy Lichtenstein
Love the Night at the museum movies!
Natural History Museum
Put my cheek DNA in a container to keep forever!
isn't sheeeee lovely?
(me as a homosapien)
went inside a butterfly house!
air and space museum
national archives
busboys and poets
a book shop and bar restaurant with slam poetry?!
yes please
dont normally do the food shots, but these nachos were fantastic
so was the steak! Busboys and poets A+++++

Saturday Jess was able to accompany me and by accompany me I mean lead me around the stuff I missed on Friday!
breakfast crepes at coffy cafe, just yum
we made a computer icon?!? at the american history museum
had to
little Abes house in the background
getting ready to climb up all those stairs, without Jess
cause she refused to do it again 
how cute is she though?! 
big Abe
my favorite memorial
hey look at that big white house behind me
all the sweet little row houses
my first and not last NBA game,
it was so much fun!
Jess was so thoughtful and remembered that I told her I wanted to see this,
she took me on our way home from lucky bar in which i proceeded to burst into tears
and she said "shutup, i'm trying to take your photo, stop crying"
she really is the best.

Sunday! We went to Georgetown and walked around, and enjoyed the sunshine! It was so warm! I also had my first Sprinkles cupcake and tried Pho for the first time, just keep feeding me please.

Georgetown used to be the poorer part of town where the working class lived, thats why the houses are so small and close together and there are NO driveways. I don't know how people live like that but the houses were adorable.

Also if you have never heard of the store Paper Source, you can thank me later after you shop there.

Jess caught me going up and down this sweet little porch
more row houses
restored letter box!
please hold just me and my red velvet
having a moment on the potomac

To add to the list of awesome plane views, I saw the pentagon on my way home:

Until Next Time D.C., also big thanks to my hostess and bed provider Jessica. I love you just as much as I did our senior year of high school. 

Things recommended to me that I didn't get a chance to hit:

  • The Monuments at nighttime!
  • Union Market (indoor market place)
  • Eastern Marker (indoor market place)
  • Hill Country BBQ (noms/eats)
  • Ted's Bulletin (comfort food)
  • Wydown on 14th Street (coffee)
  • Compass Coffee
  • Dolcezza (coffee/gelato)
  • Provision 14, 14th street (cocktails)
  • POV Terrace at W Hotel (awesome view of the white house!)

Also would look up events going on at the Verizon Center (here) and big concert venues and sports arenas and local venues! This can be so tricky but thanks to snapchat I know I missed Fred Armison, The Weeknd and DNCE while I was in town and I had no idea!

Also, also this was the middle of my new travel goal- a new place once a month. Where am I headed to in December?! You'll find out in just a few weeks :)

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