Atlanta, Jump on it

Would you believe me if I said I ended up in Atlanta because I googled Justin Bieber and that was the next city that he was playing a show in?

Well thats exactly what happened when my friend Ashley texted me asking me to get away for a weekend, I responded back a few days later and asked her if she wanted to go to a concert with me in Atlanta and well now here we are and it was one of my better life decisions because who doesn't love sweet tea and chicken friend steak?

Things to do/see:

  • Botanical Garden
  • Ponce Market Place
  • Oakland Cemetary
  • Living Walls
  • Jackson Street Bridge
  • Krog Street Marketplace
  • Piedmont Park
  • Centennial Olympic Park
  • Ferris Wheel 
Places to eat:
  • The Flying Biscuit
  • Dancing Goats
  • Bellina
  • Fish Camp
  • Stats
  • Hodgepodge Coffee shop
  • Fred's Meat and Bread
  • Jenis Ice Cream
  • Maxs Coal Oven Pizza

Thursday we both landed in Atlanta in the early evening and headed to our hotel (Hilton Garden Inn downtown) via Uber. Uber is seriously amazing- we never paid more that $20 for a ride, and that was our longest ride to the airport and back which was about 20 minutes. We freshened up real quick and headed to the Phillips arena, which was in walking distance of our hotel. Such a gorgeous arena, it makes me wish my hometown had an NBA team so badly! Jingle Ball was actually one of the most fun concerts I have gone to in awhile! There were so many acts, and each act only played for a little bit so it kept my attention the entire four hours- haha! 

the only photo of us from Jingle Ball is a still shot from a video

Friday we grabbed breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, which was hands down delicious and super filling. I cant lie and say that I most certainly thought the painting on the wall was a golden snitch until Ashley so graciously pointed out that it might be a flying biscuit, tomato, tahmato. Then we hit up Piedmont Park, which had the most beautiful public "bathhouse" I have ever seen, I decided that when I marry myself it might be in this park. We walked around until we found the Botanical Garden and then proceeded to explore that until we were hungry and ventured over to Ponce Street Markets to do some shopping. We started with some hot tea and chocolate with whip cream on it that made me want to swim in it, and then we found some dinner of pasta and a lobster roll. The security guard told us that the building was the old Sears and Roebuck Building which was pretty neat, because you could tell a lot of the fixtures were antique. After our first dinner, we went for second dinner at a restaurant that was right across from our hotel. After some more southern fixins and we put our stomachs to bed happy!
those are flying biscuits on the wall, not golden snitches as one would like to believe
(flying biscuit cafe)
something fried over grits, and there wasn't a spoonful left
he asked for my phone number, i politely declined
loooook at allll the poinsetttttaaaas
eye spy with really cool looking frogs
they had really awesome signs with an email address you could email photos in
 and get an expert to tell you what they were, sadly i didnt get a photo of that sign
this was the old sears and roebuck building, refurbished into a market!
always room for pasta
youll never guess who took this photo 
our second dinner, its fine
Saturday morning we got up nice and early (before 11am) and headed to a sweet little coffee shop called Hodgepodge for Breakfast! We then took a stroll over to the Oakland Cemetery, which was named after all the Oak trees and a filming location for the Vampire Diaries. Some of the little houses in here had the prettiest stained glass windows and stones from the 1800s. The author of gone with the wind was also buried here! We strolled around that part of town to try to find some of the living walls which are big murals painted to bring a sense of community to the city. We saw about three or four while we were there, and they were really cool! We then took a nice long detour to Jackson Street Bridge, which had a killer view of the skyline and was also a filming spot for a scene in the Walking Dead. For lunch we headed to another market place called Krog Street and had a chicken parm sub and some ice cream. We headed back to the hotel and took a stroll around Centennial Olympic park, which was walking distance from our hotel, and hitched a ride on the Ferris Wheel. One of the guys who took us to get on, told us we reminded him of the girls from Sex and the City and so he took us into the VIP room and gave us our own chalet on the Ferris wheel. We had a really pretty view of the Park and the city at night. For dinner we grabbed some coal oven pizza from Max's, which was also right across from our hotel. 

okay my first one of these, no clue what they are (latte? coffee? is that what those are?)
but it had chocolate in it and it was called a turtle
Oakland cemetary
living walls!
public transport decorated for christmas
living walls, the artist even signed this upside down
turning up the bass a bit
jackson street bridge- for all you walking dead fans, apparently this was used in the first episode
couldn't decide on one flavor, so i got four:
chocolate peppermint,
brambleberry crisp,
wild berry lavender
and red raspberry sorbet
centennial olympic park
found ourselves in the VIP lounge,
were also told we reminded this guy of the girls from sex and the city, so that was a first
the view from the ferris wheel!
coal/brick oven pizza is always the best

Other places we didn't get the chance to go to recommended by our Uber drivers and the people on Tinder:

  • Optimist restaurant
  • Atlantic Station shopping center
  • Buckhead Shopping
  • 6 feet under restaurant (ironically this was across from Oakland Cemetery)
  • Midtown
  • Intermezzo Cafe
  • The Belt Line (walking path that was an old train)
  • Grind house (food)
  • Elmyr (also, food)
  • Top Golf (okay this sounds so cool and I'm dying to try it!)
  • Dr. Bombays underwater Tea
  • Sky Lounge
  • Gunshot Restaurant

So this was my little trip for December, wait until you see where I'm going in January ;)

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