Dear 2016,

So hey, it's me again another 365 days around the sun.
Rereading what I wrote to your brother? cousin? 2015 (here)
I am still no good at conveying my thoughts on paper, so that hasn't changed.

I am even more grateful for my health and wealth and the people around me who give me guidance everyday this year.

That I was born in a country where my opportunities really are endless, I have a roof over my head, easy access to clean water and a job.

I am learning that as many rotten people as there are in the world, there are also some awesome people. I am trying harder to focus on those awesome people more and more and the rotten ones less and less, (while being more awesome than rotten myself) because as one of my favorite sayings goes

"Don't focus on the one guy who hates you, (or the people that hurt you) 
you don't go to the park and set your picnic down next to the only pile of dog sh*t"

I learned more about death and loss- shortly after I wrote this last year, I lost my other grandfather in between going to a friends wedding, in the snow, with a head cold. That loss has affected me because it has affected my father.

I didn't get to sewing, or cooking or volunteering, but I did teach myself to crochet using YouTube Videos.

I like to think I became more motivated, and more of a go-getter, more so in the past few weeks, and really enjoying doing things on my own, not waiting for anyone to come with me.

I have tried to pay more attention to the people who deserve my attention. One of my favorite ways to do this is write notes, leave notes, mail packages or even something as simple as a "Hey just a reminder you're awesome. Have a great day" text message.

I read more books- mostly autobiographies of comedians.
Stand up comedy makes me laugh.
So does rap music.
I whole heartedly believe the cure to any woe can be entertained with a good stand up comedy pandora channel or Netflix special or a morning routine of waking up, splashing your face with cold water, getting dressed and putting on a 2 Chainz song.

2015 didn't swimmingly take me right into a great job with travel benefits per-say, but it did pick me up and throw me head first into a great paying job, where I learned a lot, and also earned money to travel. (I just returned from a two week venture from Seoul, South Korea and a little mini adventure to Tokyo.)

I hope to keep learning, loving, seeing and doing in 2016. I hope to keep forgiving, and come across people who forgive me when I need it.

 I would really like to learn how to sew, so I will try to make this happen- haha

I can't say I am sad to see 2015 go really, but I am glad it happened. I learned a lot about myself and that's really the whole point isn't it?

So here's to 2016, new year, new adventures, reunions, and new friends.

"Bollomun" means the gate of long life.
Only the King was allowed to walk through this gate
in hopes of living a long and healthy life.
Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul.

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