Australia Journey Journal: Cairns

So I thought it was finally time to share my family trip to Cairns- only a year later, but what's that they say? Better late than never? Yes!

January 28th:

Cairns was the third destination on our family Journey around Australia- and definitely one of my favorite places in Australia. I love the promenade they have with the public pool, we took a water zumba class after we went out to see the Great Barrier Reef. We also had an incredible dinner at an Italian restaurant on the promenade. 

I haven't seen the GBR from any other place in Australia- but I can tell you that Cairns is great for it. We boated past a small island called "Green Island" where you could stay overnight with a small group of people, so it's really like you have a private island and snorkel with turtles and stingrays and catch a larger boat farther out into the reef- talk about amazing. Anyways down to the nitty-gritty, the visual effects, the reason you probably read my blog:

Picture Perfect view from the aeroplane
the color of the blue aint messin around

our christmas card 2015-
my dad in that stinger suit stole the show
it was about 100F
so we pretty much floated to the top 
you could pet these things!
this giant grouper/puppy dog
the setup
one of these in my backyard please
the reef from the plane
so wild right?!
did you know you can see it from space too!

*We stayed at the Cairns Queens Court Hotel, which was nice for the cheapish price we got. It had connecting rooms and a locker room style bathroom.
*From Melbourne to Cairns we flew Virgin Australia

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