Paradise in the form of Oahu

Okay so I just got back from three weeks island hopping in Hawaii and all I have to say is WOW! Seriously and all the cliches are true- paradise, why can't I live here, breathtaking, gorgeous, ect, ect.

I spent two weeks on Oahu (Honolulu and the International airport are located on this island) and was lucky enough to be able to reunite with my neighbor from college. Hawaii is in the middle for both of us, (ten hours) so I am grateful that she invited me along on her vacation. We spent one week of that up at the North Shore, before she headed home and I headed to Maui. There was SO much to explore on this little island that I really truly feel like I didn't even make a dent in it, so this calls for (of course) a trip back :)

Things I did on Oahu:

1. Waikiki Beach

2. Chiefs Luau

*As much as I enjoyed the Luau- it was incredibly pricey. If you're interested in seeing one, search around for coupons.

4. Surf!

4. Diamond Head

5. Pipeline

6. North Shore Food Trucks

7. Waimea Beach/ Falls

*It costs $16 dollars to enter this waterfall/botanical garden, there's discounts if you're a student, so don't forget to bring along your student I.D. 

8. Ehukai Pillbox

9. Turtle Bay

10. Sharks Cove

*My favorite place on the North Shore- the food trucks are right across the street from here.

11. Laie Point

12. Secret Island

13. Chinamans Hat

14. Byodo-In Temple

15. Haleiwa Town

* These are photos from the shop and acai bowl place in the first photo. I LOVED this little town. I found most of my gifts here and we found the sweetest wave rings across the street at the shop with the awesome porch swings. If only I had a porch....

16. Dole Pineapple Factory

*If you go here you should grab a Dole Whip- apparently there are only two places you can get them- here and Disney in California, I regret I didn't save any room for dessert on this trip!

17. Pearl Harbor

18. Aloha Stadium Flea Market

19. Makapu'u Lighthouse and Makapu'u Tide pools

*The hike down to the tidepools was long and intense down the side of the mountain. Wear sneakers and try to follow people down. The path down is at the third lookout, and on your way back up try to follow the white arrows. While you're in the pool or anywhere swimming in the ocean always be careful and take note where people are and aren't swimming.

20. Hanauma Bay

*Hands down the most incredible snorkeling I have ever done! Wish I had spent a full day here.

21. Dukes Restaurant

22. Manakai Catamaran

One of my favorite parts of travel is planning, and not planning. I find I have the best time when I plan a few things I really want to do, but also when I go with the flow, talking to locals can give you the best insight into a place you're visiting and people are usually more than happy to share their secret spots with you. I also learned that you can't do everything you want to do in one go- especially your first time somewhere new- so I've learned to let go and say "I'll do that when I come back." A lot.

A few shots from places I could only show you along the road:

pic name

pic name

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North Shore:

Places Recommended to me that I didn't get to try:

1)Polynesian Cultural Center
2)Maunawili Falls
3)Jackass Ginger pools
4)Kalihi Ice ponds

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