Becoming Dutch for a few weeks!

So funny story about most of my travels is I actually fall into them on accident. Friends ask me to tag along, someone I know lives there or it's the perfect meeting in the middle place for me and someone I know on this lovely planet.

My trip to Europe was absolutely the weirdest one yet! I met someone who was studying abroad in my hometown and his hometown just happened to be just outside of Amsterdam. When my favorite Australian DJS were playing a big music festival there in October (I missed them in the US all summer because of work) I invited myself to visit him and he was more than accommodating. My trip consisted mostly of eating local foods, riding my new bike around town, drinking beer and wine and meeting amazing people.

I have to say absolutely nothing beats a local tour guide when you're visiting somewhere and I don't know how I get so lucky but each new place I visit I feel more and more at home and welcome. Two of his friends are coming to visit me next week! I can't wait to show them around my hometown and where he lived for a few months.

This trip to Europe also help me check off stepping foot on two new continents in just ONE year (Asia and Europe!) 2016 was incredible and I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store :)

Visit Amsterdam with me below:

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