Crashin into 2017 with Bells on

I guess the fact that I am writing this 3 months into 2017 means that its already been amazing ten short weeks in. I feel like life gets more and more hectic each year, and even better.  I like these little letters to myself (and you) despite the fact that they sort of only make some sense. It resembles what it looks like inside my brain- a very scattered, yet organized, yet full of things, medium sized room with a window seat (one day I wish) on a quiet side street, in a busy city. Surrounded by things and people whom I love.

Looking back on these letters is funny too because I kind of write my own destiny without even knowing, sort of a slew of "ah ha!" moments that I knew were going to happen before I knew they were going to happen:

"I think some of my goals for 2015 will definitely be to get around more of this big blue ball we call the world. I'd love to see Europe and Asia this year while I have a few friends living there" 

As per usual I was late, only a year, but ticked both these places off in the same year! wooooo!

I'm not really sure if I ever fully accomplish any of the things I like to when I sit down to write these things, but I know that I sure as hell grow. And with growth comes growing pains. I was hoping to start fresh in 2016, right at the beginning, but life had other plans. It decided I wasn't really ready to start with a clean slate until springtime, which coincidentally is my favorite season, everything is regrowing and the smell in the air is life changing. Even looking back on it, I didn't feel any different at the time but now I do and I couldn't haven even imagined a better path. 

"So here's to 2016, new year, new adventures, reunions, and new friends."

I can only hope I continue to live this statement year after year until there's no more years. Also each year to continue to become okay with the fact that I have no actual idea what I am doing only to continue to make myself happy each and every day, but to learn from the days that I just can't. 

To be nicer to people, especially when they deserve it, and even when they don't. To continue to realize how lucky I am to live where I live, and travel where I travel, work where I do and love the people that I know. Also to create some sort of organization in this mind of mine where I live, and to get my bum to the gosh darn gym once in awhile.

So 2017, show me watcha got.

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  1. Love that you write your mantra or Resolutions down as little notes. People often avoid writing things like that down because they think it sets them up for a feeling of failure when they don't come true. I am just the opposite! Write it all down, be held accountable, and look at it often as reminders of your hopes and dreams. However, look at them with reality and flexibility! There is no law that says that you cant modify your goals, or that you are failure because you like to show up late to the party in Spring time!
    Keep up the great work! I hope that 2017 if filled with many great adventures and a couple of fun disasters