Making myself at home in the Philippines

Once again I have assimilated myself nicely into a culture that I was not born into, I am now part Filipino. My friend Kate (who is actually filipino genetically) took me along on a trip to her motherland in January.

As always I never really have high expectations for my trips and they always turn out a million times better than I could have ever expected. This time we literally turned a vacation into a home thanks to some of the amazing locals we met. 

We planned the first week before we left New York and left the second week up to chance and by the end of it we had hit one major city (Manila,) Two Islands (Boracay and Palawan,) and tons of major hot spots. We picked up lots of new friends from all over (the UK, Tasmania, France, Mexico and the Philippines,) and gained a new Filipino Mom and little sister ;)

I had to make two vlogs- one for scenery and one for FOOD. If you have never eaten filipino food you get in your car right this second, GPS the nearest filipino restaurant and you go order a filipino breakfast with tapas. Your stomach will thank you! #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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